Gainium Challenge

I’ve been using Gainium for about two months now. I’ve been a free user and a challenge that I have always maintained is that if I can use Gainium to earn the equivalent of a monthly or annual subscription, I will pay to help support this project. My biggest problem has been that I have not been able to make a single profitable bot. I was wondering how the community could help me in order to beat this challenge. I’ll take any advice possible. This community has great potential, but I think there may be problems for barrier to entry for less knowledgable users like myself.


Hello, I’m quite a new user also with not a lot of profitable bots for the moment. I think that something easy would be to copy Ares bots as he has done very good work with them, you can go to the descriptions of his videos on his youtube channel to find them. My main mistake, was that I wanted to over-optimize the bots by adjusting the parameters that allow me to obtain a very high return on backtesting. But this can be a mistake because these exact parameters will never work the same way in other situations. My main recommandation that I try to apply to myself for now is to try to optimize already existing bots by focusing on profit factor or statistic like sortino ratio or consistency-weighted return more than looking at he net result as this is a past performance not guaranteed to be obtained in the future. As I’m quite new here, I’m also looking for advice from more experienced!

Hi I am also new. Now working around 2 months with the bots.
I started also with watching the videos of ares and started with his bots. Tweak and backtest it as you like. And also the community is very helpful, and the people from Gainium (or the community) really answer fast. I had a lot of questions in the beginning all answered and step by step I am getting there. So feel free to ask anything here.
My first feeling was will I ever understand it? How the bots work…. But then I just began with one simpel bot / strategy, just with one indicator to see what that was doing and from there … i finetuned it. I did not give up, and I am happy I did not. And now its really fun to do. I started with an normal trading bot…: and now I am learning the combo bot.

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Being profitable over the long term is more difficult than people realize, and the main reason is risk. There is one phrase that has stuck with me, which says something along these lines:

The secret to long-term wealth is not managing profit but managing risk.

That means that if you focus on the profit potential without understanding the risk potential, you will lose money, guaranteed.

Understanding risk is a complex topic by itself. But there are many topics out there to get you started. You have to put in the time and effort though.

I’ve made a Getting started tips post, this could be helpful for you, specifically point #3. If you can give us more background about you and your goals, we will be able to give you better answers.

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For me it’s the same. Doing 2 live bots and also some test, but nothing in profit at this moment. I will start a supscription when I see better results. Maybe just bad luck becaus the market is going down. I’m trying also to use tradingview with indicator, but my buy signal is coming trough but the sell is not taking any action. Should I put Take Profit on with webhook?

On one of my tests it seems to work. Let see how that will develope.