Looking for a profitable strategy

So I think my topic subject says everything! :slight_smile:

Suggestions for a starting point?

Welcome here!

You can look at what is published on Trading Strategies / Bot Setups
You have @aressanch videos on youtube if you want some details about HMA or BB%B strategies (higher risk) or combo bot (less risk)

Gainium youtube

Have a look around, certain strategies can be profitable only at certain conditions, other are longterm profitable but you might be patient because profits are made slowly. Then it’s up to you to improve the strategies that are presented and share your findings in order that everyone will become more profitable :wink:

See you!


Thanks for sharing that info. I will check this this upcoming weekend.

I know that bot profit are slower as active trading but the benefit is I have trades going when I’m at work. I have a fulltime job. Also emotions is less a problem with bot trading. I really like it!

Do you have a trading strategy that works and you would like to automatize? This could be the moment to try if your strategy is profitable in any conditions and of course and as you said, trade it during your job without emotions involved :wink:

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Check out this video

Then watch the previous ones where Ares explains how to setup the HMA strategy

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Look at this series - You will find the INTO, basic concept and at the bottom the strategies series with some backtest


Thanks guys for sharing the information. I will do some reading, viewing and testing! :slight_smile: