INTRO + (S-1) Accumulation Bot


This series explores strategies focused on trading solely based on price movements, aiming to profit from traps within a specific range. It also addresses common issues in automated trading like fund and risk management. Hope you find value in these insights! :heart:


The main purpose of this strategy is to accumulate as many BTC as possible.

How do you accumulate BTC?

The strategy is very simple: it is based on a pair of bots, one to accumulate BTC and the other to accumulate STABLE.

Why do we need two bots if we want to accumulate BTC?

Two bots are needed to maximize profit in both a bull and bear market. One of the bots continues to accumulate BTC, the value of which increases over time, while the other accumulates STABLE, maintaining a constant size but tied to the value of the dollar. This approach allows us to benefit from market changes without losing value.

The main idea is to accumulate as many BTC as possible from $1 to $100k and above, ensuring a stable average purchase cost, for example $50k. Additionally, both bots generate profit every time they close a profitable position, allowing us to accumulate BTC without having to purchase it directly with converted dollars – in other words, FREE BTC :moneybag:.

But how does the bot buy at every price?

Bots use the price change to open and close trades continuously, covering all price ranges (e.g. 30K-40k, 40k-50k, 50k-60k, etc.). The strategy uses a combo bot that uses both Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to average the price and a GRID to buy and sell at each level.

But why two long in spots?

The goal is to own and accumulate the asset rather than selling it before purchasing it (short) or through borrowing (perp).

How does the bot survive market declines if both positions are long?

The bot takes advantage of small price changes: every time it buys on a dip, it averages the price, and every time it closes part of the open position, it accumulates a small profit by reducing exposure. This approach allows the strategy to close deals efficiently and quickly.

Should I worry when the price drops?

The bots will be in profit: if the price drops, we will continue to buy BTC at a discount, improving our average price with each price drop. Buying BTC at all prices between $1 and $100K is as if we had always bought at $50K.


(Real Account)

:green_circle: Accumulation Bot STABLE

:yellow_circle: Accumulation Bot BTC

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This is great information. Thank you for sharing it.

I have some questions.

  • If I wanted to start this strategy and I have, say 5,000 USDT to invest. How would you recommend to split?
  • Do you run strategies in parallel? Or switch one ON and another OFF depending on market conditions?

Good idea! And ideally you would actually want to do this with % USDT Total as Base order on 1 sub-account.
But I suspect the bots would then start taking funds from each other?

Good point - I forgot to mention that it’s always recommended to use two separated sub-accounts mainly to manage them as two different containers - one account with STABLE to collect BTC and one account with STABLE (again) to collect STABLE

I made a quick pdf with all the steps to create subaccounts with relative APIsI will share here :orange_heart:

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I would treat them like twins - $2.5k for each subaccount. We don’t know the direction of the market so we want to be as much neutral as possible and fill as much orders as we can - we want the price to go to hell near to 0 that’s the real challenge of these shared strategies.
I will share the (S-6) MIX strategies which adapt to market conditions.

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Although I believe that one strategy cannot fit all market conditions trading the price movement in ranges makes the strategy looking for candles movements not for trends - if the price goes out of the range the bot expands with a new range (dynamic price) - means that now the a new deal starts under that first range trading from a lower point with a new range.
The strategy can cover -100% drop but is very unlikely that happens because via DCAs and grids we close deals thanks to small bumps - hope it makes sense