Rewards Tracking

It would be nice to see how far along you are with certain Rewards.
For instance how many days you logged in/still have to log in to get the ‘Devotee’ reward.
Or how many likes you already have for the ‘Appreciated’ reward.
Or how many clicks you still need for the ‘Hot Link’ Reward.

Now you have no clue how you are doing just that you don’t have it yet.

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It’s even worse. Discourse apparently doesn’t track all information properly. It was only a few days ago that I received badge Regular. And even though I was one of the first users here, others already got it almost a month earlier. Also does Discourse fail to e.g. track the read messages and doesn’t allow us to at least mark messages as read on a one by one base. That’s only to name a few, but there are certainly more.

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Yes i also said that in a previous post but seems that is not something that could be changed by Gainium devs

Possible bugs in badges and rewards?

Yes, you are right. I just added a comment there as well. Unfortunately that’s nothing where Gainium can help.

That’s Discourse’s official documentation:

Strange, that Meta hasn’t corrected the bugs yet.

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