Unable to add Bybit exchange


The following error is received when adding Bybit exchange:

6/28/2024, 12:50:42 PM | API keys not valid for spot

I have generated multiple API keys that all included SPOT and the three IP addresses to whitelist for Gainium, yet they all received the same error message.

When did you get?
I’ve made a fix today, mentioned in Unable to add BinanceUS exchange

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I Tried one hour ago becouse i was recording a video tutorial

I just created and added keys twice.
Please check that you submit not bybit all, but bybit spot only

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I tried right now…same issue
Yes i use Bybit Spot, yes i have read your guide, yes i have usdt and usdc on my spot wallet

Hi @DieselFinance

I have just tried and it added the exchange just fine. What I can suggest is to create a new API by following the instructions on Connect to Bybit, sometimes exchanges give temporal errors.

I tried yesterday to connect bybit and now it works, thanks you guys!

Awesome! Glad it worked

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