Close Deals with whichever hits first Percentage, Indicator or Timer

Is it possible to use both a percentage profit and an indicator (and timer) to close deals?

I’ve been testing the HMA strategy and in the last 20 hours had two deals pump which I closed manually with $44 (8.5%) and $38 (7.3%) wins.

Had I not closed them manually I suspect they would have closed with much lower wins.

So can we specify the bot should close the deal if it hits x%, or the indicator hits, or the timer runs out?



I think something similar was asked on that topic Add IF conditions to open a new simultaneous deal. Adding IF and OR functions on open deals, TP and SL could be quite useful.

Similar I guess, although I don’t have a need for the suggestion in the other thread.

I am running the HMA strategy and it closes the deals when a signal is met or when the deal has been running for 9 days.

Sometimes the deal closes at a loss after the 9 days is up.

Sometimes the price goes up quite high but the indicator isn’t hit and the timer is still running and then the price falls rather than the deal closing.

With my idea I could specify always taking a 5% profit, even though that might be less than the indicator or the timer would close at, but it might be higher than they would close at.

Right now I’m checking as often as I can if any deals are in profit and closing them manually, which is not the point of using bots.

Ok so you want the possibility to combine indicator option + percentage option, is that right? I asked something similar some time ago Combining Webhooks + technical indicators. I was looking if the “price change” indicator could help you by putting a 5% change but is not working the same way than the percentage window, nevertheless you could look at it and try to see if this could help you in some way.

How could that practically work?

  1. Conditional take profit
    with minimum profit 2%
  2. Timer 1 week
  3. Fix take profit with 7%


  1. Deal’s profit crosses min take profit, surpasses the fix take profit but directly crosses down again. The fix take profit works like a stop loss and tries to sell at market price (if not stop limit is used at the exchange). Profit around or probably less than 7%. (After the SL the price continues to increase again.)

  2. Cross 2%, but misses 7%, and goes to -19% instead, where the timer closes the deal.

  3. Like 2. but price crosses 7% and timer closes at 11% while price continues to increase.

Of course didn’t saw this but you already have the minimum take profit option :+1: and this works with indicator and timer

You can also use the move stoploss feature.

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Great idea. I suggested this months ago on discord.

Was about to say there are different ways of achieving the same - you can set up to 3/4 aTPs on the same deal

What do you mean? Can you provide an example?

The introduction of an arbitrary Boolean expression based on indicators, in place of the current “and” only combination, and also a first matching (combination of) indicator(s) triggers condition, has the potential to offer both advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore necessary to consider this carefully.

Yes sure depends on the bot for example you can use min conditional Tp - you can also set a SL (webhook) with move SL in positive - on a combo you can have 3 or more - the base minigrid TP an extra TP (USED or MAX DCA) and a move SL In positive

The point isn’t to use them all but to combine them based on your strategy - hope it makes sense

Thanks. But would it not be much simpler if, for example we set a TP with indicator RSI when the price is above RSI 15 candle upper line or if the price hit TP of x%, whichever happened first? I have been hoping this would be implemented a while back, but so far, we can only use an indicator or % for TP. Not both.

It’s already possible if you set a TP condition and a move SL with fixed positive percentage.
Means the deal will close if the TP condition is met (RSI in your example) or if the price reaches x% TP (made by using a move SL with a positive value) - hope it’s clear

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Thanks again. I see what you are saying now. I have never used a move SL in my life so I am not familiar with it. But now, thanks to you, it is a new discovery that will be fun to backtest and play around with.

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