This combo bot seems odd

Bug info: This combo bot has large gaps in it. What is wrong?

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This big gap is because of added dca level after the dump.

And there were many settings changes during the deal active time (since 06.06). If minigrid has already opened for the deal, it wont take effect, but new DCA orders will be affected by the new settings, such as volume scale, step scale, etc

Hmm…I assumed that the new levels would be added just like a grid bot would if we added levels. To avoid the big gaps. That is why I tried editing it many times to fix the gaps. Could the combo bot be changed to act more like a grid bot when editing? So that if the spacing is 1% apart, the extra levels would reflect that?

Was just talking about it with Rossano, here is the explanation COMBO - not able to edit number of DCA on running deal

Thanks Ares. By the way, enjoy the annual June correction. Of course, you know August will probably be the pump, if the pattern follows most past years.

But another odd thing about this combo bot is that the break even price sometimes moves up as the price moves up and sells are made. I thought the break even price could only move down.

it only moves down if you sell the DCA with one minigrid otherwise the bot buy and sell base which makes the avg price floating up and down - I’m running a strategy which reduces the position size of a deal by selling the DCA with one minigrid ((S-3) Reduced position size)

Correct in the combo and grid the average can move up and down. It’s only the dca that moves down only. Combo and grid buy and sell at any price within range, while the dca only buys and sells everything

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So if it goes down, hits a dca line, then the breakeven will go down?

That’s correct because you are avg. the price of your deal with your DCA. Breakeven is the average price + the uPNL (either when in profit or loss)

Thanks Rossano. I am thinking about a DCA strategy like this: During set up, it will have one dca line. After it starts, I will cancel the DCA order, then add funds at the support price. Do you know if this will work? Will it still count as DCA? This would be the same as daytrading, but work automatically so that I will not miss trades, as we can do in daytrading.

You can set the initial bot settings without any DCA - then you can manually edit the deal and add how many DCA as you like

You ca either use the terminal (for a one-off deal) or a trading bot (if you want to set repeating deals with the same settings)

Yes, I know that. But perhaps you misunderstood. I want to set it up with one dca order. Then start it. Then remove the dca order via the “show orders” button. Then add funds and set a limit order at the coin’s support price. I tried this with a paper bot and it placed a DCA order. So I am thinking it will work.

Or are you saying, without dca, I can add as many buys as I want and it will work as DCA?

you don’t need to add to remove it later you can just start without DCA placing only the base order and then add one or more DCAs once when the deal started or at any point - you can set them as limit order in both cases.
Hope it makes sense

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Thanks. I wish I had known that. I was under the assumption that I would have to have DCA enabled in order for “add funds” to be counted as DCA . This changes everything.

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DCA are only add funds orders and can be limit or market. If you think simple you can even create multiple deals at a different price and merge them - doing so you are avg. your price down.
There are a lot of ways of doing the same thing - the strategy is what important then you will find a way to execute it :wink:
Lovely to have you here

I’m using a similar approach in one of my strategies ((S-10) DCA by Simultaneous Deals) - you may have a look to see how it works but the concept is very similar - I add new deals and then when I need them to avg down the price I just merge them and set a new TP target