(S-3) Reduced position size

The strategy uses only DCAs eliminating the minigrid within the diversion.

For example - Instead of having 5 DCAs of $100 every 5% with 10 minigrids per DCA use only the DCAs with only 1 minigrid. By doing this the funds are not divided by the number of minigrids and when we sell the percentage refers to the entire value of the DCA ($100) and not a part divided by the minigrids.

In this way we are able to reduce our position and benefit from a greater profit for DCA.


(Real Account)

:green_circle: Reduced position size


:yellow_circle: Reduced position size

Same settings as above only change the TP to BTC

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The last day I was experimenting with the exact same settings. Try changing the volume scale to 0.9 and you’ll use less usdt and the profit improves!

Interesting :thinking: I’ll have a look - thanks for sharing :orange_heart: I will post more strategies in the next days - the strategies I’m using atm are more dynamic and much profitable


what is the reason you us spot instead of futures?
Are you not going to have a much better return and also lower fees?
I have seen that some of your positions are open for like 90days, that would be a disadvantage with leverage.
I’m happy about your thoughts on this?

This is one of the question I get most of the time - I don’t trade perps for three reasons - first I’m Muslim and I studied the Islamic finance and the other two reasons come from the same study - we cannot win against an exchange that gives you a loan they will always get richer while you get poorer and lower risk includes consistency and lower returns - you own the asset which is the most important thing in finance.

If you look at the strategy you will also notice that it’s in lost for most of the time - does it matter? Nope because we follow the price movement in ranges means that we are happy to collect BTC at the lowest price possible and we are happy to close a profit at 18k or 100k won’t matter for us.

This strategy was made before requesting the dynamic price filter so when the price was out of the lower grid I would manually open a new deal and create a new range covering a new 25% price range deviation - this means that while a price range was fully filled the lowest range could drive the boat.

Bear in mind that risk management is the base of each of these strategies (risk management first then the rest) - if the price goes out of the range I can always do 3 things, add funds (because I only use a small portion of my trading portfolio - about a 1/4), wait for the price to recover and then create a new range or do nothing - these are the same 3 things traders using perp are unable to perform.

Nobody knows what is going to happened in the next candle so the best thing we can do to always be in time is to follow the price and leverage goes against this law.

I would encourage you to look at the S-6 STANDARD which fixed most of the common issues.

Hope it makes sense and has some value for you


With each of these strategies you can become millionaire in about 10 years (with compound) but as you said it takes time and sometimes it’s a bit slow - I’m collecting BTC since 2018 and I never sold any so long term for me is the timeline.

Thank you very much for the deep insights into your strategy; I greatly appreciate it. I’ve been in the market for quite some time now (since 2017), but I’ve never managed to be very profitable so far (fear and greed have always taken control of me in the past :slight_smile:).
However, I want to learn how to build a consistent cash flow, and I’m also here for the long run, just like you.
Keep up the good work, and once again, I truly appreciate your experience.

once you grasp the whole concept and you test it on paper everything will make more sense - the initial strategy was the S-1 which has the basic strategy every time I ‘improve’ the strategy with a new feature or a new way or profiting from the price movement I make a new strategy and run it in parallel - does it mean that the S-6 is better? nope it’s different and it may perform differently based on how the market behave.

If you have a way of translating Italian on telegram I can invite you in MATRIX where I go deeper into the concept and answer all questions about pro and cons.

I’m here to learn by sharing not to teach anyone :orange_heart:

I’m curious about this Matrix telegram channel, can you share it? :grin:

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sent you a chat message - you should find the notification :ok_hand:

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We could eventually create a Matrix channel in the community chat. I plan to fully integrate the chat with the app, which means people will be able to open the chat and message directly from any bot page. This could be handy for sharing screenshots right from the page.


This will be great :ok_hand: