Daily trade strategy?

I am using a combo bot now, but it sometimes goes for a week or so without a trade when there is little price movement. Does anyone have a good RSI, BB, etc strategy that makes daily profits? I do not want a grid bot or modify the combo bot because I do not want to water down my funds. I would like to have all my funds in one strategy to make larger profits and even have some losses if I have to. I have been doing some backtesting but have not stumbled upon a great strategy yet.

Have a look at some of the strategies that have been posted here in the community - I’m running the S-6 strategy atm but it may be a bit too complex to grasp if you just started using combos - let me know if you need any help I’ll be happy to assist you :orange_heart:

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Thanks Rossano. I will take a look.

I looked at the strategy, but it is till a combo bot. I am needing a strategy that uses an indicator, with perhaps a stop loss, to place all funds with. Not a grid or combo with smaller amounts on each line.

it’s a combo bot that acts as a normal trading bot with DCAs - you can always add entry signals and SLs if you want to - I will post some strategies using trading bots in the future - look at some of @aressanch strategies here:

this below id the original video while this above is some tests and optimization

I understand why some people would prefer to have just one strategy; it is much simpler and easier to manage. The problem with that approach is that you depend on that one strategy, so if it stops performing, it can cause a big loss in your portfolio. Having different strategies helps to manage risk, especially when they work on different coins and timeframes, market conditions, etc.

@Rossano pointed to good resources to get started. I allocated most of my funds to Accumulation/Distribution Combo Strategy, which doesn’t rely on indicators or market predictions, similar to the strategies Rossano shared recently. These strategies are good starting points because they are less risky than most.

Soon, I will dedicate some time exclusively to finding other strategies. As soon as I have some findings, I will make posts and videos. It looks like we are having great contributions, so hopefully, other users will post their own strategies in this category.

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